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What stewardship means to me, it involves giving critical attention to someone’s belongings. God gives you yours when you properly take care of someone else’s

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Loving others

I would start this with the good Samaritan.Although humans are flawed most times we seek those who we’ve helped to help us, and when they

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I am Beatrice; people call me Bey or Lady B. Well, I am currently a wife.
I am a recent author, my journey is a tough one, but I unravel its entirety in some of my books; I am also a worshipper, well for political correctness, a songwriter. Oh, and I am also Bobby’s wife.

My first book is free on Amazon titled ” The seven strategies to mastering confidence. For my song, it’s on Spotify, Youtube and SoundCloud.
My song is titled “Be Exalted”. Don’t worry; more is on its way.

What I do for a living, I am an IT specialist, so that’s me in a nutshell.
I currently host the weekly episode, so if you want to hear from me, do subscribe to my youtube channel. Enjoy!


I have volunteered for three organizations in Canada, 

I volunteered with Habitat for humanity, where I learned the basics of customer service, learned empathy, learned commitment, punctuality, and the skill of team membership.

The same skills carried over to Windsor regional Hospital, where I secured a position as a “Help desk Clerk.”

Lastly, I volunteered with a christian organization for three years, Windsor Christian fellowship.

So, far it has been a great experience.


I currently possess a degree in Biological sciences, a honours degree.

I am a certified facebook ad expert, and soon to be web designer, and a life coach.