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God owns the World

It has been a long time since I paid any attention to my website or my music ministry. Although being busy is not an excuse, I must say that I have encountered a lot of challenges over these past years. Wow, I am so glad I am finally back and watch out because more songs are on their way. Thank God. This blog will focus on the current ongoing pandemic that has crippled the world we live in today. Over these few weeks, I have been pondering on Isaiah 26: 3(NIV) you will keep in perfect peace him whose mind is steadfast, the King James version says “stayed on thee.” I want all Christian to believe that God can turn anything around; I am a living testimony to that; as such, we should not think that this pandemic will be long-lasting. Instead, we should all offer sacrifices of praise and thanksgiving. We need to stay joyful amid the situation.
We need to keep psalm 91:15. Lord Almighty said, “He will be with you in trouble.” So, God did not mean we will not encounter problems, instead, he said he would be with us. I am confident that things will turn around shortly. While adhering to government precautions, we need to stay thankful and joyful. Stay blessed, prayerful, watchful, and thankful!.