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Love Your body

I was just thinking about why. Why, why, why. Why do people lose weight just because they were body shamed?
Firstly, my write-ups are not concerning any specific individual, but I was startled by a particular celebrity; I will not mention their names. It’s okay if one is losing weight to avoid cardiovascular diseases that may arise in the future and which can also pose serious health risks. However, extreme weight loss that makes one unrecognizable is not healthy; it’s not beautiful. You are beautiful the way you are, although it’s your body you can do whatever you like. But that being said, one should not look so skinny like a toothpick in the name of the 21st-century definition of “a beautiful woman”. I am tired of seeing beautiful women look ugly after extreme weight loss; please do not kill yourself. Tell yourself you are gorgeous;Jesus loves ME. Jesus loves you, and you are beautiful the way you are. Just a food for thought.