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Your greatest asset is the next 24 hours.

Where did it go?

Did you get all your tasks completed?

Or emails, texts, and SM consummated most of it?

It is pivotal that we account for where our time is spent.

Social media is great, but you can schedule how much time you spend on it.

My next talk would be about the seven disciplines that need to be
incorporated daily, not just in your personal life but also in your business.

I will be referencing Brian Tracy a lot in this episode.

So grab your pen and paper, coffee or tea, and head over to my youtube.

Channel on November the 2nd!

There’s nothing during this lockdown? Why not use 5 minutes of your time to learn a thing or two!

I also have a surprise!

Okay, see you!

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How did you spend 2020? Nine more weeks to go?. Did you finish that course? Were you able to start your own online business this year?Yes, the year was a tough one for most of us, but tough people last, toughness builds resilience, toughness makes the world what it is today.

My latest podcast will be premiering in 1 hour; while you’re listening, begin to write down the things you weren’t able to accomplish in 2020 versus the things you achieved in 2020!. Don’t beat yourself because of the things you did not complete in 2020; 2021 is coming up make sure to put in your best.

Please hop into my website( and subscribe to encouraging tips and tricks and updates on what I am up to on my website. Stay safe, and enjoy the year! You can also join my group –

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Make Nigeria Great Again

In the heat of the current ongoing protest happening in Nigeria, I want to point out that we’re not to keep quiet about it. Before listing out what you can do to contribute to this gruesome malicious leadership of our great nation Nigeria, I want to point out that Nigeria has always undergone one fight or the other in the last 60 years.

. From 1960 to 1967, to the Biafra civil war, so much pain and agony, fights, and battle from evil leaders. I don’t want to mention the military rule by Sani Abacha that had all manner of wickedness until God intervened.

Don’t worry. A new Nation is bursting forth, one that will make the world wonder. Remember, we are the giant of Africa. It is time for Africa to arise and rule with sovereignty, peace, and class!

What can you do, share a photo on your timeline on social media, share a post about it, sign the petitions, and donate to the innocent lives killed in the recent massacre in the Lekki toll gate? Do something for your nation.
Remember, there is always a battle before victory, even in heaven. Satan fought but was and forever will be defeated. A better Nigeria, I see.

For encouragement, my next podcast speaks on Nigeria and helps one see a positive light. Please listen on Monday the 26th of October 2020.
Stay safe!

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Morning People, it is Monday again,

And most people don’t like Mondays regardless of what business organization you find yourself in.

Well, I just wanted to point out something that seems trivial. But yet weighs tons, that is it’s very crucial. What you do-“YOUR ACTIONS.”

People remember you for what you do, sometimes what you said, how did you make them feel good? Or bad? This could be a customer, a friend, a colleague at work, or even an enemy.

Well, I am not here to preach, but someone in one of my SM platforms messaged me, and it was astonishing that what I did five years ago was what she used to introduce herself.

Long story short, we just connected from there, and something good is cooking. I won’t mention names, but be kind to people. You never know how far that can go.

My podcast is premiering in the next 5 minutes. Please comment so I can improve and grow. Maybe your busy well, that’s fine, you can always do that later. I can take constructive criticism.
Okay, bye now.
And remember, get your visions up! Be Kind, not nice!

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I will Live for others

I will be writing my reviews on what I learned Sundays here in my stories, so I have them look upon two years or three years from now.Pastor RJ Ciamatairo spoke about “living for others” It resonated deeply.

Indeed, we were created to serve people. We weren’t created to live for ourselves. I have noticed that unbelievers, that is, people who do not know Jesus, actually love themselves. They agree more on things than Christians or, let me say specifically, believers.The revolution we see worldwide about police brutality is a message of change, and that change is “LOVE.”We were all Created to agree and Love one another, not to hate one another regardless of our misunderstanding, beliefs, race, or political standpoints.

I don’t know who is reading this, but please, let’s start treating each other well. We don’t have to agree on the same things, but let us live to love, be kind. Remember making the world a better place starts with you! Yes, Life is tough, yes people are cruel, yes we all have wounds, but be the change. I am a work in progress, I am not perfect, neither are you, and I come in peace.If you have not subscribed to my Youtube channel, please do so. These lovelies are also asking you to like and share comments too!! Thank you.

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I started my podcast channel; this is because a lot is going on in 2020. People randomly search for things on the web, and when there is a place of encouragement such as mine. I believe it is incredibly relaxing.

So far, I have been consistent, and I pray to remain this way. I believe in the law of consistency, according to John C Maxwell.

So far, I have written one book, “Master the act of confidence,” done four podcasts, and rebranded my website.

My most recent podcast is about “Allowing yourself to become all you’re meant to become. I believe that we’re our enemy; I have been stuck in the mind of the past. Always throw away every weight from your past. It was meant to teach you a lesson, not a life sentence.

Allowing yourself to use a vision board is simply writing out all your dreams and aspirations and keeping it in front of your eyes. It is like a booster. It boosts your feeling of self-accountability. For example, in your vision board, if you have world stars like Micheal Jackson, waking up at 10.00 am instead of 4.00 am to use your morning power reminds you that you’re not acting like Micheal.

That said, I understand that life happens to everyone. However, one needs to master seeing their future by framing it on a vision board. A vision board’s framing is better than framing our past achievements and goals, such as a degree or an award. I can tell you that the vision board has worked for me.

So, It will be up on October 19, 2020, and I don’t plan on stopping anytime soon. Speaking gives me great joy. It allows me to see myself as a great person, which I believe everyone is excellent.
Please like share and comment, and get your vision boards up!

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Over the past few months, while there are so many uncertainties. I have been working on myself. I have been rebranding myself for the new normal that will emerge.

I am so grateful to the Lord Jesus that I have a website. Sometime last year, I was contemplating shutting down my website, but I heard the Lord say, “Let it be.”
I always say to pay attention to your spirit. God will not speak through your mind but your energy. If you doubt, please check proverbs 20:27.

So, my very first book is out. I am working on checking spelling and reviews from close friends. I am working on another fantastic book that will help people, especially women who are struggling with ….. Not disclosing that yet.

Lastly, I have successfully commenced a podcast on youtube that helps the younger generation clarify their goals. I wish someone did this during my time. Okay, stay blessed, and keep your eyes here.