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21 Affirmations for personal wellbeing.

I promised I delivered.

Please readout these 21 Affirmations daily!

  1. I believe I am made to prosper
  2. I am surrounded by all the help I need
  3. I am never alone; God will help me breakthrough
  4. I believe I am not what I am going through; it will pass
  5. I believe I am the best in my endeavor
  6. I believe my business will flourish
  7. I believe I have all I need to win
  8. I know who I am
  9. I believe I am a fighter who will conquer all grounds
  10. I(Insert name) is victorious
  11. I (insert name) is a product of greatness
  12. I (Insert name) is moving from glory to glory
  13. I (Insert name) is moving from success to success
  14. I (insert name) is a conqueror
  15. I will rise above failures
  16. I believe 2021 would be my most extraordinary year
  17. I believe I am made for signs and wonders
  18. I believe in the goodness and mercies of God
  19. I have good health
  20. My days, weeks, and morning are in God’s hands
  21. My family, health, business, and endeavors will grow because it’s in God’s hands.
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