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7 questions every international student must consider before embarking on the Canadian dream?

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Now diving into the topic, what are five things an international student must consider when immigrating to Canada?

Number 1: They must be ready to pay three times the Canadian tuition fees. Yes, they spend more, and even the available scholarships are nothing compared to the full price. The university pays only 2% or 1%, which is okay. However, get ready to pay the entire fee.

Number 2: Lease agreement. Most international students rent a property with a landlord because their residence or dormitory is costly. You may seek to utilize the school”s residence and bear in mind that the school’s dormitory is expensive.

In Canada, you must pay the first and last month’s rent before moving into a property. The last month’s rent is paid upfront; that way, you do not pay for the last month when you’re relocating the rental property.

Number 3: You must get an accountability buddy in the form of a career advisor. I stress this because it gives you a backbone and makes you want to work more. When there are other eyes around your transcript, it puts a fear/motivation that allows you to perform more.

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