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9 things successful do to stand out!!

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There is still a lot of time to make the remaining twenty-four days of two thousand and twenty worthwhile.
So, I randomly stumbled upon my coach’s writeup in a Facebook community group I currently follow. I watched an online summit. One of the speakers spoke about Parkinson’s law, and I was blown away.

Here’s the law; let me save you some time from googling its meaning.
“work expands to fill the time available for its completion,” this definition is according to the encyclopedia.

My take on this is when adversity knocks on your door, you quickly come up with ideas or solutions to resolve the issue. Ever wondered how great inventors such as Thomas Edison, the Wright brothers came up with mind-blowing solutions? They were able to do this by embracing adversity; they also took responsibility. They bounced back in a painful, unrelenting, and refined manner, and if these great men can do it, then you can do it as well.

The point I am driving at is that no one ever becomes successful without going through obstacles, in my term “Adversity.”

To add further, I just wanted to mention that I spoke on the top nine things I have seen and read about successful people. Similarly, my opinions are subjective; you could also conduct your research on other qualities successful people undergo.

Before calling it a day, I just thought to add a quote from Grant Cardone,” “The clarity of your purpose determines your persistence on any given endeavor.” While you accept adversity, make sure to persist, I also have a blog post on persistence; you may read it at your earliest convenience.

Additionally, please feel free to message me on topics related solely to personal development. I would love to reference other people’s opinions on my episode and not just those of John Maxwell, Grant Cardone, and so forth.
Always remember that you will not be young forever and make the most of today.
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  1. Your blog post are so positive and uplifting. I just subscribed to your youtube channel. so much love from Lauritta and Chris

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