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A lesson from persistence! George Handel!!!

Persistence is a strong word. My body does not like it. The weather is not persistent. Why then should I be persistent?

It is a law, and if you reside in North America, rules are followed irrespective of your authority, race, or social status. If you break the law, there are enormous fines to be paid.

Do you want to make a name in this 21st century? Then make persistence your brother, another word that goes along with persistence is consistency.

Well, to continue with my story on a persistent musician. As you may have noticed, I am musical. I was randomly researching famous musicians of old, and I ran into George Handel. He is a remarkable musician; well, he is more skilled with musical chords, lyrics, and musical composition.

This man was continuous and ferocious with his writing for six decades. He wrote and outwrote the best of the best. This writing challenge made me read history, and I love it; going back to George Handel, do you know even the brave get weary?

 George gave up at some point in his career, but he had a great friend who reminded him about how becoming persistent can launch him into greatness, one that he has never seen before. Wow, I pray I get great friends that keep me going. They are jewels and finding an encouraging friend, these days can be daunting; however, if you don’t have one, make your persistence your friend. Back to the topic, George Handel became the most incredible musician and won an award with the BBC series for his song ”Messiah”.

 My take from this extraordinary musical genius: When I feel like I can’t keep going forward, I remember the power of persistence, when I feel behind because of other people’s accomplishment I see on social media, I remember persistence, and when I look at how much impact there is to make this world, I remember persistence.

Anybody can be persistent, and I believe I can as well.

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