Beatrice is first a wife, a recent author, and a songwriter.
She is currently married to Bobby Otie. The wedding was conducted on the 15th of September 2018 in St Steven’s Anglican church, Effurun Delta state in Nigeria.

She is currently working on her very 1st book called “Mastering the act of confidence” This book was written due to frequent questions regarding my confident look each time I appear to a large audience. I am Beatrice, and I believe that I am a strong woman. I am principled. I am not nice. My values include: “Integrity,” “steadfastness,” “Imagine big,” and lastly, “possibility.”

I have seen life, I know what it means to be betrayed, I have been there, yes, life is tough, and this is why I host a weekly podcast to encourage my audience that you do not have to think about the negative experience all day, yes life happens.

Still, you can change your mind to stay in a different state. Please feel free to listen to the cover songs that I have sung over these past years, and the single “BE EXALTED” I dropped in 2018. Please subscribe, subscribe, subscribe to my YOUTUBE channel @beatriceotie.I believe we can get through this pandemic, and I know that this too shall pass!.