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The problem with this world is not enough problem solvers. So, if you become a problem solver, you become rich.” Robert Kiyosaki🏷Let me tell you a story.📌I met a lady in January who asked me to tell her if her dressing looks formal for a job interview. I am cautious about who I talk to because of my values. If you know me personally, I hardly engage in conversation with people I don’t know, lol, but I went on to help here.🇨🇦📌Yes, I informed her that her dressing is okay; I once helped a recruiter in my previous job(although I did not mention this). They check your dressing; however, when you address the interview questions correctly, and they see the value, yes value, trust me, you get hired on the spot.📌She was like, hmmm, interesting! She asked for my number, and I told her I would take her email instead. We had other conversations here and there, and she was like, wow, you sound like a manager. I said thank you for the compliment. I received her email that evening.📌I told my hubby, and I informed my new coach. The lady sent me her resume to help critique it. Initially, I thought you could charge for this, but I remembered my coach’s words, build credibility, do not focus on money, yet.🍂 So, I critiqued her resume and emailed it back to her. I also made a video on youtube about creating an outstanding resume for individuals looking to get a job offer. She messaged back and told me I have subscribed to your channel! Guess what? The reviews from that video are mind-blowing. I don’t know who will read this, but utilize your skills, you may see it as small or irrelevant, but you’re meeting a need in this world when you bring your uniqueness to the world.👉Watch the video where I critique a resume; I also tell you proven strategies that worked for me.

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Ngozi Okonji-Iweala. (The one the builders rejected is now the chief cornerstone reference: Matthew 21:42)
This woman is my definition of slaying, and she made history from a third-world nation, Nigeria.

Her words, “I can take hardship. I can sleep on the cold floor anytime”- Ngozi Okonji-Iweala.

⚡She has reminded me that anything is possible, even if you’re from Africa.

⚡I am very cognizant and enthusiastic about purpose, life, and fulfillment. If you want to find your uniqueness, search within yourself. What you need is inside you.

🤝Ngozi Madam, ma, I want to thank you for allowing us to remind ourselves that persistence, hard work, and consistency are the new definition of slaying. 

🤝Thank you for not giving up in your early years as a student in the United States. I know how tough that can be; thank you for making history with all that is currently going on in Nigeria, and if you contest as the 2023 president of Nigeria. I personally vote alongside my family.

👑Congratulations to the new Minister of the World Trade Organization(WTO), Mrs. Ngozi Iweala, Nigeria, to the World.

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The Wonders of Hardship

I wanted to write about patience, but I will leave that for next week’s write-up. Let me talk about hardship for a second.
Let me begin with Millennials, I am one, and we don’t want to hear the word hardship. We assume that life should be rosy because the media makes everything look easy, but is life rosy? I will leave you to answer that question.

The truth is everyone goes through one form of hardship in their life; however, hardship is not your enemy, it is your friend, and you know why?
Every hardship you go through polishes you or, let me say, transforms you into a better person if you accept the lesson.

Furthermore, one must allow pain and hardship to mold them into the supernatural being that they are; you can whine, shout, scream, but keep going; your breakthrough is on its way. You will win; keep it coming.

Accept the strength you build due to the struggles you go through; moreover, who doesn’t go through challenges anyway, to add life’s inevitable battle is a sharpener for greatness.

A quote by Ernest Hemingway: “The world breaks everyone, and afterward, some are strong at the broken places.”

Conclusively, there is no great man or woman on the planet that never went through any form of hardship. It could be in business, health, or even with family. Embrace hardship in your journey and keep grinding.

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🌏2021 is a defining year. This year will define your later years. As a millennial, this is not the time to start comparing yourself or using social media carelessly . While I am entitled to my opinion, you could do whatever you want to do with SM. However, we must look for opportunities in SM, aside from money. You can learn using LINKEDIN, YOUTUBE, GOOGLE, and many more.

🌏The online database has many resources that can develop you and make some good fortune.

🌏I am speaking as a millennial because I get distracted easily. Only close family pals knew I deleted some of my SM handles because of distractions. I find LINKEDIN very enlightening and engaging. It’s not all about show-offs and taking pictures. Again, my opinion, not saying taking pictures is terrible.

🧭The time is now. The time to fulfill a purpose is now. As the Chinese proverb goes, “The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is now.”
🧭These are defining times for my fellow Millenials. Yes, you should have fun, watch movies, but make sure you’re crafting yourself for the next decade!

I live you with this “Go and think.” 

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7 questions every international student must consider before embarking on the Canadian dream?

I find it pretty amazing that there is a doodly software, and while I will endeavor to use it in the future for my immigration niche. Could you try it out asap? The reason is that you get an 18 % discount using the link.
Now diving into the topic, what are five things an international student must consider when immigrating to Canada?

Number 1: They must be ready to pay three times the Canadian tuition fees. Yes, they spend more, and even the available scholarships are nothing compared to the full price. The university pays only 2% or 1%, which is okay. However, get ready to pay the entire fee.

Number 2: Lease agreement. Most international students rent a property with a landlord because their residence or dormitory is costly. You may seek to utilize the school”s residence and bear in mind that the school’s dormitory is expensive.

In Canada, you must pay the first and last month’s rent before moving into a property. The last month’s rent is paid upfront; that way, you do not pay for the last month when you’re relocating the rental property.

Number 3: You must get an accountability buddy in the form of a career advisor. I stress this because it gives you a backbone and makes you want to work more. When there are other eyes around your transcript, it puts a fear/motivation that allows you to perform more.

There are 7 in total, and please get my free guide coming up in February. Thanks for reading.

Here’s the link to get the discount.

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How to get Instant Canadian Visa without a representative/attorney /or consultant!!

You were busy with your full -time job, completely understandable. I also have a full-time job, and I have been getting DMs on “HOW TO APPLY” I will include a demo on the next video. 

What you must understand in 2021 is that money is replaceable, but time isn’t. You must do all you can to save time, and that brings me to the document checklist for the Canadian application process.

I Listed out the common pathways newcomers utilize; Canada is status-driven. If you’re not coming to do something valuable, it is less likely you will get approval.

So, now that we know the pathways. What are the standard checklists to ensure we hit a visa approval?

A Valid passport

  • Proof of what you’re coming to do(study, work, immigrate, or tourism/IEC)
  • Proof of payment
  • Correctly filled out IMM forms correctly
  • evidence of no criminal record
  • Good health standing(Medical conditions)
  • Proof of returning to your home country.Note: Must be well stated(except you’re an immigrate, worker, or student)
  • If called for an interview(must show up 30 minutes before the time)
  • Always have a copy of your original document
  • Have the right sized photographs according to IRCC specifications.

Catch the replay-

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5 Common excuses for not commencing an online business.

After learning from Grant Cardone that all it takes is starting, I became so restless and aggressive about my online business goals. My website will be upgraded shortly.

Below are the common excuses people make. I also provide answers.

  1. I am ashamed- Let me tell you something, your bills are not ashamed of you, so you should never be ashamed of coming up on youtube or Facebook to talk about your product. I am working on creating immigration blogs, and I am not ashamed of it.
  2. I am not techy enough- You do not need to have all the technical skills to start an online business. However, it would help if you had the mindset. You may ask me why? As long as you can use your smartphone, you can run an online business, and this brings me to Fiverr; you could hire a web developer to assists you with creating a website and sell on it.
  3. I am not good enough- No one is good at first. Still, after starting, your brain begins to collect ideas and experience, stay consistent in whatever niche you conclude on, and learn. Additionally, you can take courses on udemy and LinkedIn. All you need to do is to know.
  4. I am a beginner- You see, this was what got me. I was like, wait, who will buy from me. I only made one sale since I started this online journey, and I don’t intend to stop because “There are no shortcuts. To be a success, start a little earlier, work a little harder, and stay a little later”- It’s a quote by Brian Tracy, and that has been my energizer during this entire journey.
  5. I don’t know what niche to begin- Type on google about niches and write out your personal life experiences. I use a formula called “HOW CAN I MAKE IT BETTER”. How can people save time and money. Then work on how to deliver that thing in the form of a book, a blog, or on video. See, start now. Young people begin now. 

This will be my last post on personal development, as I aim to help people/newcomers move to Canada.

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Freshforte:Africa’s Frescho!!!

So I randomly stumbled upon a vlog on “How to grow my youtube channel, and then I stumbled upon French fort. Now in North America, we call it a freshco. It’s a grocery store. Freshforte is a grocery franchise located in Lekki Lagos, Nigeria. I am blown away with how a food franchise can become a brand, state of the art building, and the product packaging is out of this world.

What was rumbling through my mind is how many job opportunities this franchise would create for low-income families and tech companies, content creators, affiliate marketing, and the list is endless.
Common now, Africa has an eye for excellence and class.

My only concern is our governmental structures and systems. If only that can be redefined, Africa will soar higher like never before.
My take on this, always be excellent in your craft, and you don’t know how far you can go. It does not matter how you start; just start.
My new word this week, Freshforte. Could you take me to Freshforte, not Freshco?

You want beautiful templates on your website? Hey click on the link and use code-

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Changing content||why.? Popular demand


Coaches are relevant in your pursuit of purpose. Well, if you were following me in 2020. You may have noticed that I was under the encouragement/ personal development niche until I met Edirin Edewor. That being said, I needed personal development and a changed mindset to do my vlogs. What did my coach say?. She was like, woman, what experiences do you have? Ahh, I was thinking.


Then the mental shift began. I have unique experiences. They were things I would have done better if I could turn back the hands of time. Now, she told me to write them out then provide solutions so that your clients/listeners can save time and money.


From my experience, I realized that having a clear vision/path is pivotal, and here I am making vlogs relating to Canada Immigration.

My coach was like, do not be shy of your experiences, embrace your own story, give value with your information, restrategize, pivot, relearn, unlearn, and help people solve their problems.

Please tune in today to help someone making a better-informed decision when moving abroad. If you’re abroad, share with someone who isn’t and who will find this information relevant.

Click to watch video below,,like share, comment, subscribe, subscribe, subscribe.

All Inquiries

What are your dominant questions?

Are you thinking of immigrating abroad?

Are you worried about approvals?

Keep an eye on my vlogs.. I share tips here!

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Be Knowledge Hungry!

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I learned in 2020 that what you know gives you an upper hand financially, mentally and health-wise. Additionally, you earn as well, but then you must seek it out!

You must find out!

-I realized that there are countless opportunities out there, but you have to search for them.

There are many other lessons I learned, but unfortunately I cannot share all of them here. 

-Getting back on what I learned in 2020, you must be hungry for knowledge daily. It took me some time to break out of the norm, go to work, come home, watch Netflix, and repeat the same cycle. I am sure you know what I am talking about “The rat race.”

-It would be best if you learned other ways to position yourself for the global economy about to hit us in less than 48 hours. If you follow trends, you will notice everyone has a niche ” I am sure you’ve guessed mine already. Well, I might change! Watch out! Irrespective of what niche you’re tailored to, learn extensively. I was shocked when I saw Bill gates reading books at his age. 

“How many books did you read in 2020?” Well, yeah, if you didn’t read any, that’s fine; however, in the future, seek to commence reading. 

 I think that is one thing that got me out of my comfort zone when I got out of the fixed mindset and started embracing the growth mindset. 

You learn a lot, and do you know you can also earn a lot?

Well, that will be a write up for another day.

Conclusively, I always leave you with a quote, here you go.

“Self-education is, I firmly believe, the only kind of education there is.” – Issac Asimov. You can never over-know. The more you know, the better you become!


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Are your skills hired or your character?

Latest Post

Are my skills hired or my character?

I have been working as a customer service consultant for six years. So far, I have realized that most industry is willing to train/upskill its employees; however, if an employee lacks character, they terminate them from their organization.

It’s not an all-inclusive treatment because some organizations such as medical facilities, tech industries, and a few oil and gas industries require differentiation of the intending individual’s skill-set they’re hiring. For example, an employer in a medical care unit looking to employ a nurse will not hire someone off the road. Certification of some sort is required, or the NCLEX-RN examination needs to be completed.

Moreover, a company would not keep a nursing candidate who does not possess character, showing up on time, respecting policies, and treating patients with respect. You might ask where I’m headed with this write-up?

As a positivity enthusiast, I realize that to climb the ladder, one needs to build ones’ character. Companies are hiring soft skills, and if they recognize that yours is exceptional in their firm, you’re a hot catch and guess what, it won’t be long before you get promoted… However, this is where authenticity comes into play, be yourself, don’t pretend that you possess skills you don’t have in a bid to secure a promotion.

You must endeavor to work on your character and upskill yourself; looking back, I have come to realize that although most cooperations are profit-driven when they’re laying off workers, they keep the ones’ that have caused positive growth and revenue to their organization.

Before I drop my pen, start looking for resources to build your character; for my Christian friends who go to church, that alone is not enough. You need to add specific skills to the ones you currently have, and you never know how far you can go. Always aim for the moon; the sky’s the limit.

A quote by Thomas Jefferson, ” He who knows best knows how little he knows.”
-know more
-build character
– and fly.

Beatrice Otie.

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Find your “ONE THING”

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your one thing

Extraordinary results are directly determined by how narrow you

can make your focus- Gary Keller.

Hmm,  I seldom question what successful people do. Well,  I am currently reading a book that centers around the title of my episode.


You see, I realized that most successful people focus on one skill, otherwise called one thing, they do exceptionally well.

They gain the required skills, persist, persevere, and finally thrill the world.


What is that one thing you’re good at?

What can you do to master it?

How do you go about it?


Write out those questions, and find an answer to them… They will lead you to your unique purpose.


Before 2020 comes to a close, endeavor to find that one thing that you do extraordinary well, do all it takes!

 “Let the rest do whatever while you do whatever it takes. – Grant Cardone

2021 is in 10 days, and you’ve still got time!

See you on the other side.

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Keep your mind! Guard your heart!

Time is ticking


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Breaking free from distraction|

Summarized tips from today topic

Maximum productivity


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Thank you.

Break free from distractions!

The distraction level has quadrupled over the last decades, from the popups in your laptop to the notification dings on your phone from social media messages. Ever wondered why you sense the need to check your phone every minute or so, even when there’re no messages?

Well, I believe we’re humans, and it’s so natural to want something/craves something, and yeah, you always want to satisfy that craving, but here’s where discipline comes in place and why you must kill distraction before it kills you.

My top three picks on minimizing distraction are number one: turn off your cell phone. Ahh, but I can put it on silence, you say? No friend, turn it off. Otherwise, your subconscious mind will trick you into grabbing it, and before you know it, it’s already 1-hour scrolling; turn it off or, better still, leave it in a different room.

It worked for James Clear as such; I believe it will work for me.
Ever since I realized that putting my phone on silent no longer works, due to unnecessary notifications from ads on Google, Facebook, and youtube, I turn off my phone entirely or lock it up in a different room.

Number two on my list is prioritizing!
The last way I deal with distraction is timing my tasks, aka priority; I prioritize tasks, so Task A must be completed in an hour time if after an hour it isn’t finished, I reflect to know what went on and why I did not meet the task.

A quote by James Clear,
“Your actions reveal how badly you want something. If you keep saying something is a priority but never act on it, you don’t want it. It’s time to have an honest conversation with yourself. Your actions reveal your true motivations.”

You can also use the 80/20 rule by John C Maxwell. It states.” Putting eighty percent of your time, energy, and focus on your top twenty percent task.”
This helps me to stay on track.
Initially, when I started this whole prioritizing process, it was all a mess because I used to be disorganized, but after trying these three. I have become more productive with my time, and it’s so unique; it’s a great feeling! I feel fantastic, and so can you:)

The third tip here to breaking free from distraction in this millennial age is taking short breaks.
Now, I mentioned that you should turn off your phone, but common, we’re humans, and we predominantly want to get some attention on social media or keep up with what is going on with a friend or a stranger online. So, when you take your break, you may now pull up your phone and scroll. Please endeavor to time yourself on such a break, as your time is your greatest commodity. Do not mismanage it, okay.
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Thanks a lot.

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Goal Driven or Growth driven? Where do you belong?

Are you goal -Oriented or growth-oriented?

Where do you belong?

Let me start up with a story, you see

Many businesses focus on their goals, which is due to the businesses’ annual revenue.

Thus far, I have seen that most employees do not grow themselves after a day’s job; they show up to work, get the job done, hit their house, and turn on the TV; some binge watch Netflix and repeat the same cycle. I know, we’ve all done that; it’s human. However, this cycle of living, as mentioned above, is mundane.

 To begin, setting goals is phenomenal, and I know you’ve probably read great books about goal setting, but being growth-focused will scale you up to a height you’ve never imagined.

Here’s a quote by John C Maxwell, “Growth is the greatest separator between those who succeed and those who do not. when I see a person beginning to separate themselves from the pack, it’s almost always due to Personal Growth.”

So, here’s my four suggestions/subjective opinions for an individual or a business to consider in their growth-driven journey/plan.

I) Reading

Reading cannot be over-emphasized. Suppose every employer makes their employees read a book or two not just narrowed to the job description, but also how they can become better individuals. Believe me when I say the world will become a better place of highly skilled individuals with great character, relatable persona, and admirable qualities.

 II)Training /Up-skilling

  Training is the subcategory for upskilling; you technically train the employee and thus upskill them.

I believe every organization has quarterly goals on how they groom/train their employees. My organization trains only new hires; this isn’t great. I am tech Savvy, and I sense a need to up-skill myself to learn new technical features in our global economy instead of waiting for my employer. I up-skilled myself through online courses, masterclasses, and masterminds, and the above training mentioned is what got me started, that is to begin writing blog posts.

The point I am trying to pass across: focusing on Growth creates an opportunity to upskill.

When an organization trains its employees on personal development, they grow exponentially; on a side note, organizations should not limit training towards companies’ specific systems or processes. It would be kind also to include materials that would grom employees personal development.

You may ask which corporation wants to waste its money on training employees. I know the John Maxwell coaching program does this. Well, let’s come to reality, we should all be responsible for our development process, and this brings me to another quote by Earl Shoaf “If you don’t have much, perhaps you haven’t become much.”

You want to climb up the ladder for managerial roles, not just in your corporation but in other endeavors, then become more, become more!!!

III) Coaching

Wow, there’s a lot of money in coaching, and the online space is flooded by it. However, I am not talking about business coaching. Keep reading!

Coaching for me is having frequent conversations with an employee; this should not be overlooked.

The reason is that having a frequent conversation with the employee helps keep track of the competencies on the side of the organization, as the employees are the ones who speak directly to the customers, Below are my subjective advantage in coaching employees.

  • Recognizing what time works for brainstorming ideas with fellow employees is a great way to coach them, thereby improving personal growth/business growth.
  • Identifying what problems employees face and how issues can be lessened on a day to day basis helps recognize one’s weakness, overall helps in Personal Growth.
  • It bridges the leadership gap as CEOs don’t relate to employees directly; this is exemplified by having a manager connect with the organization’s employees.
  • To reiterate, the manager fills that gap by informing employees on better ways to talk to address a customer or sell a product, depending on your organization structure( trying not to generalize, not all businesses sell)

This way, the corporation performs excellently as a whole.

IV) Accountability

Are you accountable to yourself if you answered, yes? Then you won’t grow. Ask me why? You can’t know it all.

I don’t know it all as well; if you’ve read my previous blog posts, you may have noticed, I always reference other authors; the reason for this is, I am still in my growth journey, and I don’t’ have all the answers.

You must endeavor to get an accountability buddy; this helps you track your Growth.

Okay, wow, so you read the entire blog post?

Congratulations, now please share with a friend and leave your suggestions to deliver excellent content better.

Also, check out my new online store, and please patronize; thank you.

I hope you learned the following: Be Growth focused: Reading, Upskilling, Be coachable, and having an accountability buddy.

Until next time, grow 🙂

Beatrice here:)click please

Beatrice Otie

Author, upcoming gospel artist, wife and Positivity enthusiast.

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9 things successful do to stand out!!

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There is still a lot of time to make the remaining twenty-four days of two thousand and twenty worthwhile.
So, I randomly stumbled upon my coach’s writeup in a Facebook community group I currently follow. I watched an online summit. One of the speakers spoke about Parkinson’s law, and I was blown away.

Here’s the law; let me save you some time from googling its meaning.
“work expands to fill the time available for its completion,” this definition is according to the encyclopedia.

My take on this is when adversity knocks on your door, you quickly come up with ideas or solutions to resolve the issue. Ever wondered how great inventors such as Thomas Edison, the Wright brothers came up with mind-blowing solutions? They were able to do this by embracing adversity; they also took responsibility. They bounced back in a painful, unrelenting, and refined manner, and if these great men can do it, then you can do it as well.

The point I am driving at is that no one ever becomes successful without going through obstacles, in my term “Adversity.”

To add further, I just wanted to mention that I spoke on the top nine things I have seen and read about successful people. Similarly, my opinions are subjective; you could also conduct your research on other qualities successful people undergo.

Before calling it a day, I just thought to add a quote from Grant Cardone,” “The clarity of your purpose determines your persistence on any given endeavor.” While you accept adversity, make sure to persist, I also have a blog post on persistence; you may read it at your earliest convenience.

Additionally, please feel free to message me on topics related solely to personal development. I would love to reference other people’s opinions on my episode and not just those of John Maxwell, Grant Cardone, and so forth.
Always remember that you will not be young forever and make the most of today.
Please subscribe, like, share, and comment. 2021 was a great year.

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Grand Finale on Standing out! The wait is over!!!

The video following this post is the last bit on the standing out series; I will be moving on to something else after this; stay connected, don’t go anywhere. Take a deep breath; you’re right?

Cool 🙂

A quote from H. Stanley Judd “Don’t waste energy trying to cover up failure. Learn from your failures and go on the next challenge. It’s okay to fail. If you’re not failing, you’re not growing”.

I am sure you may be wondering, no John Maxwell’s quote, chill, I got a challenge from my coach to try other quotes aside from the reputable John Maxwell, and why? You may ask. I am too attached to his quotes; I always love getting out of my comfort zone. Enough of this challenge talk; let’s get on board.

First, at some point in life, one will encounter adversity; you must learn to embrace it because adversity births greatness.

I will mention my top three legends who went through adversity and chose never to back down. Number one on my list is:–“Elvis Presley.”
number two: “Thomas Edison.”
Number three: “Albert Einstein.”

Some of their quotes, “When things go wrong don’t go with them” -Elvis Presley.
Albert Einstein “Anyone who has never made a mistake has never tried anything new.”

Moving on with today’s writeup. For some reason, the media makes success look all glamorous, rosy, and never painful; the loud cheers, yay, the excellent cinematography, paparazzi and all that, these terms are usually seen around celebrities who have probably failed at some point in their life. Still, we forget that failure and adversity are the preliminary things we meet before we finally hit success.

I like how Grant Cardone puts it;” you must conquer your fears to rise to greatness” If you don’t know Grant Cardone, you better do your research; he talks about 10X ing your life.

To reiterate, if you must stand out, always embrace failure and adversity; they are part of life. You cannot become a winner without ever failing. The people you see today doing big things have mastered their craft; they have failed countless times, after which they became experts.

In a nutshell, if you’re determined to stand out in 2021, you’re willing to drop your excuses and run with all the strengths you’ve got, please watch my next episode, don’t miss it for anything. Okay, see you on the other side.
Here’s a question for you?

What must I fail very well to become successful?
Write it down?

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I titled this write-up with the above “You matter” because of a devastating report I got last week about a fantastic person; well, I won’t mention the name but continue reading. I will unravel this person in the last paragraph of this write-up.

First of all, never believe the lie that you’re the only one going through a hard time. Others are going through even worse problems, but they do not allow the situation to override their thinking; I would recommend seeking professional help feel you can’t take it anymore.

Getting back on topic, every human on this planet is unique, irrespective of our ethnicities, race, or social status. You matter because you’re still breathing. You matter because your extraordinary passion would help someone else dream more significantly; you matter because someone will need you in the future; this is exemplified as a company hiring you, your children looking up to you, or your spouse.

In a nutshell, never look down on yourself; I mentioned this in the video to always endeavor to give back to the world; it could be your time, money, or voice; give back; it has a long-lasting reward.

Okay, so revealing who that person is, that person is anyone who gives up on themselves, that person is someone who thought they did not matter, but they did. Please don’t be that person.

Conclusively, I wrote 21 daily affirmations just hop-into my website. It’s the very 1st blog. You can read it out loud to yourself, there’s so much power when you proclaim words back to yourself, and you can personalize it; I painstakingly wrote it that way so that anyone can use it.

Feel free to watch the video if you would like, and before I call it a day, “YOU MATTER.”

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21 Affirmations for personal wellbeing.

I promised I delivered.

Please readout these 21 Affirmations daily!

  1. I believe I am made to prosper
  2. I am surrounded by all the help I need
  3. I am never alone; God will help me breakthrough
  4. I believe I am not what I am going through; it will pass
  5. I believe I am the best in my endeavor
  6. I believe my business will flourish
  7. I believe I have all I need to win
  8. I know who I am
  9. I believe I am a fighter who will conquer all grounds
  10. I(Insert name) is victorious
  11. I (insert name) is a product of greatness
  12. I (Insert name) is moving from glory to glory
  13. I (Insert name) is moving from success to success
  14. I (insert name) is a conqueror
  15. I will rise above failures
  16. I believe 2021 would be my most extraordinary year
  17. I believe I am made for signs and wonders
  18. I believe in the goodness and mercies of God
  19. I have good health
  20. My days, weeks, and morning are in God’s hands
  21. My family, health, business, and endeavors will grow because it’s in God’s hands.
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Maximize your youthfulness- Beatrice Otie

I am not an expert when it comes to storytelling, but I can try, Beatrice laughs.
In the last quarter of 2019, when I worked at the Windsor regional hospital, I wheeled a patient to their supposed care unit when an older lady walked up to me and said, use your young age wisely, young lady.

Initially, I took it as a compliment, but then after returning home from work. I started wondering why she used such a statement, and oh, then I realized how your youthful years are not forever, and you must do all you can to maximize opportunities given to you.

Before I finish the remainder of this post, I saw a quote by my cheerleader of dreams, Terry Savalle Foy. She said, “Excuses will always be there for you; opportunities won’t.”

So, for my fellow youths, aside from getting a degree, becoming an employee, have you thought of doing something else?
What about searching within yourself to see any unique quality that stands out from others?

Have you thought of setting up an online business?
Ten years from now, will you still be working eight to five jobs?
These were all the thoughts that clustered in my neurons, just moments after hearing, “Use your young age wisely” Remember, no one will be young forever. Start something new; I am grateful for COVID because it forced me into the place I have always envisioned.

Please set your reminders for the last episode of the standing out series.
I plan on coming live, but in the next episode after this. Yes, Live on youtube …You finally get to see my real face!!!

Okay, till next time!.

Did you miss the previous episode, heres the replay.

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How to stay sane in 2020! |Take care of your mental health|

I was scrolling through my news feed, especially on Facebook, because I use it more often, and something that jumped out to me is that many people are going through mental health challenges in this unprecedented time.CoVID -19 did justice to this, so it should not be overlooked.

Although some government provides services to their citizens, other governmental bodies don’t have any system in place, so what can you do for yourself, while this pandemic lasts?

It would be best to take care of your mental health and not shy away from it. There is stereotyping for mental health victims globally; for some reason, because someone has stress or feel sad, people judge them that they’re abnormal; meanwhile, the judge has been through hardships at some point in their lives. It is very okay to be judged; please don’t take it to heart; get better, and stay afloat.

How do you take care of yourself? I am not here to preach a long sermon. Firstly, make sure you have an accountability buddy, someone you are transparent with; this is very easy for married couples. However, If you’re in North America, which can get pretty lonely, and you’re single, call your local emergency number; it could be 911, 000,118,112, and so forth.
Do not die in silence assuming someone is aware; speak out.

Secondly, do what makes you happy, this could be singing, for me, dancing, or watching a movie with friends or co-workers. Similarly, you could go for bowling or any local community activity; however, be mindful where you go, do not fall into bad gangs in the name of satisfying your mental health difficulty.

Thirdly, volunteer your time, it has a ripple effect, giving your time makes you happy as a person, because you’re solving other peoples problem. For me, it releases endorphins in my brain and has a calming sensation in my soul.

Lastly, I don’t know why no one talks about this, but journalling is pretty cool; ah, this helped me stay sane in 2020. It is a great way to keep your mind busy, and it takes your mind off whatever issue you’re dealing with. Additionally, you can include meditating as you journal; for my Christian friends, you know, praying and journaling go hand in hand. I hope this helps.

Feel free to add your thoughts; these are my subjective opinions, which may vary with yours. Stay safe!

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Dare to Hope! warning(Long read)

Dare to Hope~ Cherly Nemhard.
After ministering during the encounter, I sensed a fire in Windsor Christian like never before. I love the refining that is taking place.
I see many people left the church; it is okay; it’s the refiner’s fire God is working on his church.

Today was powerful; the enemy made my sleep sweeter so that I don’t attend service today. I had to rush off to church, and I am so glad I did. The message is the best I’ve heard so far in the year 2020. I came expectant, and I got what I needed. As you may have noticed, I type out my sermons and keep them here. This is because Facebook will remind you four years later or two years later. That way, I read through them and smile; some people have noticed my seven-year post and commented, so you see. It is always good to have a track record; businesses call it brochures.

The two profound questions before the sermon.
What do you do when what’s in front of you seems absolutely impossible
to cross over?
What do you do when it looks nothing like God promised?

Okay, let me dive into the topic; I am sorry for keeping you waiting joor.
The topic was, “dare to hope.
The scriptures were Joshua 1:6-9 and Daniel 3:17&18.”

She said, how will your hope fare when things don’t go your way ,when you’re separated from your loved ones, when you’ve lost your job, when life gives you a heavy blow.
Hope is a spiritual weapon; you can use against the enemy’s blows; it is a shield for your mind.
She said, dare to hope in God.
God said dare to hope in the one who holds your future(Psalms 42:11)
This got me her definition of Hope.
Hope is the glorious holy posture of defiance to the overwhelming darkness that tries to surround you.
Hope says I haven’t done all to stand; Hope says I know the one who speaks to the storm.
When life says you can’t get through this, Hope says you’re more than an overcomer.
No more spiritual amnesia; when the storm hits and you question God, where are you? Hope speaks.
Hope is intentional; Hope is active, fear and doubt knocks, Hope recalls God’s faithfulness, Hope remembers who God is. Hope remembers what the word of God says in you life.

She started with this “some of us are facing a challenge; obviously, 2020 came with her bag of challenges. We don’t know what life will look like after 2020, or what the new normal will be.”Canon illusive”
Some of us don’t know what God wants for us Versus our reality.
She mentioned her most significant word is trust, but today she will be speaking on “Hope.”

She mentioned that we need to know Jesus for ourselves, a great life that thrives outside of a Sunday experience: the relationship with Jesus.
We need to know and understand the mercy of Hope.
For those whose Hope is wavering by what they’ve gone through.
God is repeating Hope.
God is saying to hope in humanity.
God is saying Hope in that situation.
God is saying Hope in the church.
From her diaries, she wrote, “Hope is like a drop of harmony.
Hope is fresh air, childless sky on a perfect day.
She said the only thing keeping me afloat in the world today is Hope.
Amid the global crisis, racial protest, hatred, and unrest all over the world today. Hope is what she holds on to.

Isaiah 46: 8-10
God promised to keep in mind,
God says in his word in Isiah that there is none like me; every plan from God will come to pass.
The sovereignty of God is sometimes hard to understand, but it’s okay. You don’t have to understand it all at once; hope in God.
Only trust God and hope-
In Joshua, it says to meditate day and night in God’s holy word.
Please don’t get distracted hope; hope is a bold choice; it overwhelms darkness.
Now she moved to Elijah when Elijah asked for rain, and he kept seeking God, bothering him after six requests; God kept saying No until he finally said a yes.
Another reference was Abraham dared to hope in God for his promised son. He even offered to give his son a sacrifice. If he died, he hoped God would provide because he believed that God is all-powerful.
Daniel dared to hope in God for protection.
The flames Nebudchadnezzar threw the Hebrew boys(they refused to eat the food from Nebuchadnezzar.
Sometimes when we compromise food towards what others are bringing to us, this can lead to hatred, conspiracy, and division.
We have the power to refuse that; we are sons and daughters of God.
Can you risk death for hope?
We will not fall under society’s pressure to lose our faith; we will not fall into anti-God schemes, we will hold fast.

We often fall into social media and get anorexic; we must fast and pray(this is where we get spiritual energy/muscle). We should not feed off from social media; if we do, we can start getting negative thoughts and eat into our identity.

Dare to hope, even if God doesn’t move in the time and in the manner in which we wanted him to move, will you still trust God, will you always keep the faith?

What if God says a bog NO to your request?
Lastly, she said God is not surprised by 2020!
Hope is a weapon against the overwhelming darkness.
Daniel 2:20-23
Light dwells with God; his decisions are the best; it is better than your 1% thoughts.
Let hope arise in every worshipper as you pray for the world.
Let hope awaken your energy.
Let there be a renewal of your faith in God.
I drop my pen.

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Find yourself! your unique destiny…

I am writing this because of a recent post I saw in headstart Africa. The post was about discovering your destiny and pursuing it with Holy anger.
Ever wondered what you were created on this planet for?
Why are you here?

The entire 2020 has been a remarkable year for everyone worldwide, whether American, Canadian, Nigerian, or British. We’re all questioning why a tiny virus could disrupt the economy and significantly shutdown events. However, I believe God used this pandemic to recruit destinies; people who will embrace their unique future through thick and thin and shake the world.

So back to the topic, do you know what you’re destined to do on the planet?
If you find your “why,”? Have you thought about how you can polish your skill or craft to become world-class at it? Be mindful of stumbling blocks and obstacles on your way to finding your gift. They will be many but do not let obstacles make you falter; let it make you rise.

At the end of the tunnel, when you finally breakthrough, you will be happy you made those hard decisions, and nature will beckon on your fearlessness in not surrendering to its hard flames.
Find yourself, find you!

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Is your life hard? Can you fix it?

Life is unfair is usually a statement pessimists uses; however, when compared to death, I wonder what phrase would be used, “fairer.”
Well, Life was never created to be rosy so that you can find your true self and contribute to the world.

I seldom listen to successful people from Barak Obama to Oprah Winfrey to famous athletes and musicians. As you may have noticed, they all echo the same words, “It’s been a tough journey.”

Life is meant to be challenging because the earth/universe is searching to see if you would give up on her and be like everyone else. She is waiting to see if you will release your unique supernatural qualities and counteract her bickerings.

The uniqueness of embracing toughness and accepting pain and challenges is that it molds you to become stronger, better, and refined.
Ever wondered why after making a mistake, you don’t repeat it? Why is this?
You take the lessons, which makes you better, store the information in your brain, and keep learning. It would be best if you overcame battles thrown at you because they will come, and they will be many.
I believe the first battle is the one waged in mind within ourselves. learned
a quote by Sheldon Kopp- “All of the significant battles are waged within the self.”

Get the fight, keep fighting, and receive your wins, IWIN.

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Relax, you got this!

How is the remainder of 2020 treating you?

Don’t let the unprecedented event, the ongoing pandemic, get a monkey out of you; instead, let it propel you to take control of your life and become all that you were meant to be.

Here is a quote for you; I hope it makes you feel better.

In failing forward by John C Maxwell, “Every major difficulty you face in life is a fork in the road. You choose which track you will head down, toward breakdown or breakthrough” The choice is entirely yours to make; please endeavor to make the remaining forty-seven days remarkable.

Okay, enough of the year, The second half of the “standing out series” will be premiering next Monday; please set your timer. In the previous episode, I mentioned exceptionality, giving value, and incorporating systems. In addition to the above qualities mentioned, I spoke on three additional attributes in this current episode; successful individuals embody these attributes. They are soaring exponentially in this 21st century; tune in to know? What are these attributes?

An encouraging tip here: there are better days ahead. While the lockdown remains, head over to my youtube channel and get reminded about your future so you can create the future you want, see you on the other side!

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Proverbs 18:24 NLT, There are “friends” who destroy each other, but a real friend sticks closer than a brother.

I respect the opinion of my dear friend Emily. It does take a genuine friend to tell you the hard truths. Emily and I had an excellent video conversation today, and it was splendid.

I felt the Holy Spirit was speaking through this woman.This is heavy!. Hmnn, I have fought with Emily, and we’ve settled; among all the many friends on the planet, Emily is one that stayed close. Many people always ask me how come you don’t keep many friends; I always say I am careful of who I allow in my space; everybody cannot be your friend. If everyone is your friend, then you’re fake. I am saying this because you will be forced to please everyone, which I am extremely Jesus centered; hence you cannot force your beliefs on me, except they are Jesus centered.

Back to the topic, these are the three things I picked from my God-sent friend, Emily.
Number one, you need to ask God to help you identify your calling, are you called to worship-ministry a full time or part-time? Please invite the Holy Spirit, whoot, I love this one.
Number two, What is God’s unique purpose and plan for my life? Trust me, Emily, you could teach an online course and make sales, haha, I am taking SOI, and the coach teaches this, but she did not include God. I was Holy -spirit struck when Emily mentioned this.

Finally, Seek God to know his perfect timing: you do not want to jump into ministry before your unique timing; you need to have God empower you; just a side note, you do not want to get into ministry late as well.
As such, seek God to equip you.
Thank you, friend, for the quick reminder, and I ask the Lord Jesus to assist me here, in his name, Amen!
For my readers, you can also incorporate these into your life; ask yourself these same questions. They aren’t unique to me! See you next time.

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Getting a Mentor is a Must have’s!

Mentor or a coach, whichever you want to call it. It would help if you had a mentor. The mistake we Millenials make is we don’t see a need to be coached.

Does this sound familiar? “I don’t want anyone to start controlling my life, oh”? I am a full-grown adult, yes, I know that, but you need guidance. You see, when you were born, you did not eat yourself; clothe yourself; you couldn’t even walk yourself. You had to learn all these skills from your parent, specifically your mother.

This in itself is free mentorship; For some strange reasons, adulthood changed this narrative. This is another reason I loved the entrepreneurial community. The community propels one to grow due to the surrounding forces of great individuals within that group. This group is an excellent example, by the way.

A mentor is a guardian, someone who grooms you to become what you desire. Your mother can be your mentor; however, if you are training to obtain professional skills, you need a coach/mentor. There is no great man/woman without a mentor. You can get a paid mentor or a free mentor, that depends solely on what you aim to achieve with your destiny.

If you demand excellence, I will recommend embarking on paid mentorships strictly tailored towards your skill. If you don’t know your skill set or personality type, check on google. “Colleagues are wonderful things, but mentors, that’s where the real work gets done.”-Quote by Junot Diaz. I love these quotes; back to the topic. Find a mentor today and groom yourself to be all that you’re meant to become.

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“The hallmark of excellence, the test of greatness is consistency”-Jim Tressel.

To stand out from the crowd takes a daring attitude. This is because you will look weird, you will be laughed at, you will appear foolish sometimes, but I tell you, when you finally get to a breaking point in your life where you soar, the same people who mocked you will applaud you.

So, what attributes/character do you need to have to stand out from mediocrity? Firstly, exceptionality, you need to be exceptional in your craft. We already have professionals; how then can you stand out, you may ask? Add an extraordinary touch to your craft so that you’re standing out from the crowd, but extraordinarily.

Secondly, you need to offer value, be it to your organization or yourself. You might ask me, what value do I give, give your time, give your money, give excellence, give quality, always endeavor to provide value!

Lastly, it would help if you pushed/persist even when all odds are against you. Persistence and consistency are two sides of the same coin. You cannot have one without the other. I believe you got value from this episode! See you on the next one; please share, like, comment, and click on the notification bell; so you are not missing out on any of these!

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So you want to stand out?

Standing out from the crowd does take a lot of grit and tenacity.
Wow, successful people are indeed audacious; it is best to forget being hard-working, getting up early every day, working hard all night, writing those articles, crossing your t’s and dotting your I’s, you know what I mean, right?

Giving up is actually easy, but then think about the consequences, I always ask this question. If all the greats on the planet gave up on their dream, will our world become what it is today?

From my photo, you can see the richest black woman in the world; each time I listen to her story, I am struck that she had to go through all the years of hard work, pain, and struggle. Over time, she conquered grounds and broke boundaries. She did stand out incredibly. She possesses excellent “Atomic Habits.”

Well, but the struggle, though? Yes, I understand; how about looking at what lies ahead? How about picturing where you will be if you put in the work? It does pay off.

Yes, giving up is easy, but you waste great potential when you do that.
When you give up, you deny someone else a reason to grow! No man is an island; we are all created to network.
The journey of life is a tough one. No-one said it was easy!
Yes, you will fail, but rise and keep mastering your craft. One day, I tell you, one day, the world will beckon on you and bow to you for your tenacity, for your grit, and for just being you.

Struggles don’t last; they were placed there to test you; however, never let your troubles define you!
You see, when you hit the top, you won’t remember any of those struggles. Keep on, keeping on! Your best days are ahead of you! Don’t give up, grow!

Copyright(C)-Beatrice Otie.

Photo credit- Oprah Winphrey’s photos copied from google!

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A lesson from persistence! George Handel!!!

Persistence is a strong word. My body does not like it. The weather is not persistent. Why then should I be persistent?

It is a law, and if you reside in North America, rules are followed irrespective of your authority, race, or social status. If you break the law, there are enormous fines to be paid.

Do you want to make a name in this 21st century? Then make persistence your brother, another word that goes along with persistence is consistency.

Well, to continue with my story on a persistent musician. As you may have noticed, I am musical. I was randomly researching famous musicians of old, and I ran into George Handel. He is a remarkable musician; well, he is more skilled with musical chords, lyrics, and musical composition.

This man was continuous and ferocious with his writing for six decades. He wrote and outwrote the best of the best. This writing challenge made me read history, and I love it; going back to George Handel, do you know even the brave get weary?

 George gave up at some point in his career, but he had a great friend who reminded him about how becoming persistent can launch him into greatness, one that he has never seen before. Wow, I pray I get great friends that keep me going. They are jewels and finding an encouraging friend, these days can be daunting; however, if you don’t have one, make your persistence your friend. Back to the topic, George Handel became the most incredible musician and won an award with the BBC series for his song ”Messiah”.

 My take from this extraordinary musical genius: When I feel like I can’t keep going forward, I remember the power of persistence, when I feel behind because of other people’s accomplishment I see on social media, I remember persistence, and when I look at how much impact there is to make this world, I remember persistence.

Anybody can be persistent, and I believe I can as well.

Copyrights(C)-Beatrice Otie.

I hosts weekly podcast on Youtube watch if your haven’t, subscribe, like, share and click on the notification bell!

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Hello, Beatrice here!The last episode will be up in 2 hours. Please tune in!Before I continue, I am not a motivational speaker. I enjoy the encouragement. I am an encourager!

So, let’s get on board!It is easy to start anything, but it is tough to finish, especially when you do not see the desired results.This episode only talks about why you must start anything you desire to do; however, what if it’s not working?What if you’re aren’t getting a result?

What if no one is interested in your new business?

It would be best if you persisted and maybe change the way you’re doing what you’re doing. The next series would be about “STANDING-OUT.”

Additionally, In failing forward by John Maxwell, he said entrepreneurs fail 3.8 times before becoming successful in business.

So, here’s the encouragementKeep going,It’s okay to fail, fail forward, change strategies, take some break if that helps, and keep pressing.Remember that fail at something and try again, you’re starting with a new experience.Always evaluate your mistakes/experiences.Remove failure from you, and instead of saying you failed – say “It didn’t work out “-John C maxwell, failing forward(Thomas nelson publishers)

Lastly, have a non-negotiable ‘WHY” let your why be more robust than your reasons/excuse.You can also join my Facebook group -Do listen, and have a great week ahead. See you in a bit!Click me!https://.be/HM27KvzidHQ

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So today’s sermon was “Liminality” Google’s definition states that Liminality is the quality of ambiguity or disorientation that occurs in the middle stage of a passage” Technically, the aim here is disorientation.Three core lessons from Pastor Clint Mix.”Be Jesus-centered, Jesus was more focused on serving others.

Jesus was not self-centered. He was people-centered, and even in business, most companies are built to solve people’s problems. So we need to serve, serve, serve, and he also said we should ask what did Jesus do in most situations. Be not focused on what would my pastor do, or what is the church protocols and doctrines. So, by focusing on “what would Jesus do” Helps you get out of the narcissistic attitude we have towards church rules and protocols that become burdensome, as they ‘re meant to be followed.Secondly, we need to be empowered by the Holy Spirit. Matthew 28 He says we should be filled with the power of the Holy spirirt.

This caught my attention Jesus actions. Jesus washed his disciples’ feet! What! That’s a leader.Getting guidance from God is key!It would help if you had guidance from the third person of the trinity, “the Holy Spirit,” This is because the Holy Spirit leads us into all truth.Matthew 7:11-If ye being evil gives your children gifts, how much more your heavenly father-Ask God for the Holy Spirit. This is the only way, get baptized.Thirdly, he added to stop church shopping. If I don’t like this church, I will try the next doors neighbours church, and keep trying until, I find the one that satisfy my feelings!. Now, it is entirely objective as you choose where you worship.

Be careful and test all spirits. Lastly Christians need to stop being judgemental. We’re too quick to judge. You can not win the world if you attack it; however, you are not meant to live like the world! Jesus, help us here! It is tough on the flesh. The flesh loves judgment.How then can you win the world. Show kindness, genuine kindness, not with evil motives, help, serve, give, and watch how your actions will change the world- Be a light!Okay, I just thought to share my thoughts.I will be dropping my podcast tomorrow! Make sure to tune in!

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Grand Finale- S.T.A.R.T

Ready for the final episode on “Allowing yourself.”

Did you allow you to move forward?Or procrastination got a bit of you?

The grand finale on this episode,” Allowing yourself,” please don’t get bored already:)

Also, leave a comment if you think I need to add one more topic to this episode.Listen, I sang in this episode. I got too excited!

So, the final episode is S.T.A.R.T. Ahh, how do I go about it?Listen to the podcast!

This year has been challenging, but what can you do now to propel you for the future?

All you need to do is to “get up.”

All you need to do is “set your time.”

All you need to do is “show up.”

All you need to do is “begin.”

The above are synonyms for starting. Please set your reminders for Monday, as I encourage you to keep going.There are specific vocabularies that you need to incorporate. I also share those vocabularies as taught by John C Maxwell. Please listen, subscribe, like, and share on youtube. The podcast will be premiered Monday the 8th on Youtube, Spotify, and anchor.okay. See you on the other side!

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Clarity The #1 Discipline!

In 360 degree leader in Value # 2, John C Maxwell writes, “All good leaders are decision-makers,” Additionally, a good leader writes out their goals on paper. If you think being in a position makes you a leader, please read this book! Indeed Clarity is vital!

How clear is your vision? It is not a question for businesses because most businesses have a mission statement. Do you have a vision for your life as an individual? What are your values? Are your goals written on paper? What is your purpose? Or you go by the norm? 

Until the vision is written on paper, the results will not appear. Habakkuk 2:3- Write the vision down and make it plain.
Please hop into my channel if you’re unclear about your values, vision, goal, and purpose. I’ve got tons of podcasts that tackles each. 

Lastly, as promised, I will mail you a free planner, which is already posted on Amazon, so don’t plagiarize. This free planner is only for individuals who subscribe to my youtube channel. You might ask, how do I get my planner? Please fill in the form on youtube descriptions beneath the video.
Again strictly youtube subscribers!!!

Okay, see you on the other side. Please click on the link somewhere on this website:)

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Your greatest asset is the next 24 hours.

Where did it go?

Did you get all your tasks completed?

Or emails, texts, and SM consummated most of it?

It is pivotal that we account for where our time is spent.

Social media is great, but you can schedule how much time you spend on it.

My next talk would be about the seven disciplines that need to be
incorporated daily, not just in your personal life but also in your business.

I will be referencing Brian Tracy a lot in this episode.

So grab your pen and paper, coffee or tea, and head over to my youtube.

Channel on November the 2nd!

There’s nothing during this lockdown? Why not use 5 minutes of your time to learn a thing or two!

I also have a surprise!

Okay, see you!

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Quotes by LECRAE “If you live for people acceptance, you will die from their rejection”.

🏷Before others believe in you, you first believed in yourself.
Before others invite you for their event, you first create your events. Before others invest in you, you first invest in yourself, and with the new nudge for likes, views, and comments on social media, one may be tempted to slip into the people’s approval or validation box. 

🏷Be careful not to fall into the people approval trap. How then can you escape this trap?
🏷Knowing your self-worth and valuing your well-being makes all the difference; positive affirmations and gratitude for how far you’ve come will help you. Stop seeking people’s approval and taking it one day at a time. To add, Start by seeking God’s approval, allow yourself to breathe, be yourself sometimes.
🤨Want to know my story, yeah yeah.. It took me 2-3 years to realize that others’ approval isn’t worth it and can destroy you !!!

This 🍃brings me to why I started a youtube channel. I was hoping you could tune in next Monday where I share a bit of my Immigration journey!
Subscribe to my channel here-

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Combating lonliness in Canada!!!

After merely posting a video about five ways to immigrate to Canada and get a Visa approval, I got seven direct messages. I knew that I needed to help out so that people don’t make costly mistakes.

It is okay to feel lonely, especially when you’re away from your family or in an unfamiliar environment, I have been there, and I will show you what works and how to tackle it. Before I begin, you see Consultants are great people. However, all they can help you do is secure an approval letter. They will not live with you abroad, not just in Canada. Therefore, you need to combat loneliness before it lingers into depression, anxiety, and a long-term ailment.

Here are my seven objective ideas. I also gathered this from friends and colleagues who reside abroad.
  1. Ask for professional help(please, if you’re using a religious organization, make sure they’re experienced. You don’t want to worsen the problem. Telling someone who will tell someone else is not professional); seek professional help.
  2. Read a book( if you have graduated from university and after work, you’ve watched all the series on Netflix, you want to ensure that you’re doing something for your mind. A lot of people do, but hey, I don’t particularly appreciate assuming.
  3. Give your time to something you love/volunteer. You can never go wrong with volunteering or giving your time to something you love. It takes you off yourself and your problem and makes you focus on something else.
  4. Take a walk- go outside and see the world, don’t be stuck in your room.
  5. Start a youtube channel. You see, youtube made me happy, funny as it sounds,
  6.  Yes, I conduct research and stuff, but the moment I started youtube, I felt relieved; it’s a great feeling to try it.
  7. For those already working, after work, you can shop, go bowling, go for a run, cook with a friend, attend a birthday party, someone bridal shower, get out of yourself, and you will enjoy Canada. 
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New comers learn from the bamboo tree!!

We must learn from the bamboo tree, upcoming entrepreneurs, online content creators, YouTubers, newcomers to Canada, etc.

It is very okay to grow slowly but grow. I compare growth with that of the bamboo tree. Starting with the culm of the bamboo tree. The culm begins to grow from the bamboo tree in three to four months, and then the leaves and shoots extend in the next year and the pulpy wall. In the third year, the culm hardens(growth gained through mistakes and knowledge)

Overall it takes at least three to seven years for its maturity, and guess what comes after that assets. Assets used for decorations, assets used for construction, fabrics, musical instruments, and the list is endless. The bamboo tree is an asset because people generate fortunes out of it. Relating this to Our topic for today, one must be mentally prepared about the time factor. Everything takes time.

If you plan to obtain a visa, it may come quickly for someone else, but not for you, and that is very okay. However, that is not a deciding factor to give up. My target audience is students who do not plan before commencing this journey.
In the future, I will also be sharing my unique story. I listed the five significant pathways that foreign nationals/newcomers utilize to obtain a Visa in today’s video. It’s entirely an individual’s decision to study or immigrate(as a Permanent residence) to Canada. All in all, the time factor plays a role.

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