Coaches are relevant in your pursuit of purpose. Well, if you were following me in 2020. You may have noticed that I was under the encouragement/ personal development niche until I met Edirin Edewor. That being said, I needed personal development and a changed mindset to do my vlogs. What did my coach say?. She was like, woman, what experiences do you have? Ahh, I was thinking.


Then the mental shift began. I have unique experiences. They were things I would have done better if I could turn back the hands of time. Now, she told me to write them out then provide solutions so that your clients/listeners can save time and money.


From my experience, I realized that having a clear vision/path is pivotal, and here I am making vlogs relating to Canada Immigration.

My coach was like, do not be shy of your experiences, embrace your own story, give value with your information, restrategize, pivot, relearn, unlearn, and help people solve their problems.

Please tune in today to help someone making a better-informed decision when moving abroad. If you’re abroad, share with someone who isn’t and who will find this information relevant.

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