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Combating lonliness in Canada!!!

After merely posting a video about five ways to immigrate to Canada and get a Visa approval, I got seven direct messages. I knew that I needed to help out so that people don’t make costly mistakes.

It is okay to feel lonely, especially when you’re away from your family or in an unfamiliar environment, I have been there, and I will show you what works and how to tackle it. Before I begin, you see Consultants are great people. However, all they can help you do is secure an approval letter. They will not live with you abroad, not just in Canada. Therefore, you need to combat loneliness before it lingers into depression, anxiety, and a long-term ailment.

Here are my seven objective ideas. I also gathered this from friends and colleagues who reside abroad.
  1. Ask for professional help(please, if you’re using a religious organization, make sure they’re experienced. You don’t want to worsen the problem. Telling someone who will tell someone else is not professional); seek professional help.
  2. Read a book( if you have graduated from university and after work, you’ve watched all the series on Netflix, you want to ensure that you’re doing something for your mind. A lot of people do, but hey, I don’t particularly appreciate assuming.
  3. Give your time to something you love/volunteer. You can never go wrong with volunteering or giving your time to something you love. It takes you off yourself and your problem and makes you focus on something else.
  4. Take a walk- go outside and see the world, don’t be stuck in your room.
  5. Start a youtube channel. You see, youtube made me happy, funny as it sounds,
  6.  Yes, I conduct research and stuff, but the moment I started youtube, I felt relieved; it’s a great feeling to try it.
  7. For those already working, after work, you can shop, go bowling, go for a run, cook with a friend, attend a birthday party, someone bridal shower, get out of yourself, and you will enjoy Canada. 
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