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Dare to Hope! warning(Long read)

Dare to Hope~ Cherly Nemhard.
After ministering during the encounter, I sensed a fire in Windsor Christian like never before. I love the refining that is taking place.
I see many people left the church; it is okay; it’s the refiner’s fire God is working on his church.

Today was powerful; the enemy made my sleep sweeter so that I don’t attend service today. I had to rush off to church, and I am so glad I did. The message is the best I’ve heard so far in the year 2020. I came expectant, and I got what I needed. As you may have noticed, I type out my sermons and keep them here. This is because Facebook will remind you four years later or two years later. That way, I read through them and smile; some people have noticed my seven-year post and commented, so you see. It is always good to have a track record; businesses call it brochures.

The two profound questions before the sermon.
What do you do when what’s in front of you seems absolutely impossible
to cross over?
What do you do when it looks nothing like God promised?

Okay, let me dive into the topic; I am sorry for keeping you waiting joor.
The topic was, “dare to hope.
The scriptures were Joshua 1:6-9 and Daniel 3:17&18.”

She said, how will your hope fare when things don’t go your way ,when you’re separated from your loved ones, when you’ve lost your job, when life gives you a heavy blow.
Hope is a spiritual weapon; you can use against the enemy’s blows; it is a shield for your mind.
She said, dare to hope in God.
God said dare to hope in the one who holds your future(Psalms 42:11)
This got me her definition of Hope.
Hope is the glorious holy posture of defiance to the overwhelming darkness that tries to surround you.
Hope says I haven’t done all to stand; Hope says I know the one who speaks to the storm.
When life says you can’t get through this, Hope says you’re more than an overcomer.
No more spiritual amnesia; when the storm hits and you question God, where are you? Hope speaks.
Hope is intentional; Hope is active, fear and doubt knocks, Hope recalls God’s faithfulness, Hope remembers who God is. Hope remembers what the word of God says in you life.

She started with this “some of us are facing a challenge; obviously, 2020 came with her bag of challenges. We don’t know what life will look like after 2020, or what the new normal will be.”Canon illusive”
Some of us don’t know what God wants for us Versus our reality.
She mentioned her most significant word is trust, but today she will be speaking on “Hope.”

She mentioned that we need to know Jesus for ourselves, a great life that thrives outside of a Sunday experience: the relationship with Jesus.
We need to know and understand the mercy of Hope.
For those whose Hope is wavering by what they’ve gone through.
God is repeating Hope.
God is saying to hope in humanity.
God is saying Hope in that situation.
God is saying Hope in the church.
From her diaries, she wrote, “Hope is like a drop of harmony.
Hope is fresh air, childless sky on a perfect day.
She said the only thing keeping me afloat in the world today is Hope.
Amid the global crisis, racial protest, hatred, and unrest all over the world today. Hope is what she holds on to.

Isaiah 46: 8-10
God promised to keep in mind,
God says in his word in Isiah that there is none like me; every plan from God will come to pass.
The sovereignty of God is sometimes hard to understand, but it’s okay. You don’t have to understand it all at once; hope in God.
Only trust God and hope-
In Joshua, it says to meditate day and night in God’s holy word.
Please don’t get distracted hope; hope is a bold choice; it overwhelms darkness.
Now she moved to Elijah when Elijah asked for rain, and he kept seeking God, bothering him after six requests; God kept saying No until he finally said a yes.
Another reference was Abraham dared to hope in God for his promised son. He even offered to give his son a sacrifice. If he died, he hoped God would provide because he believed that God is all-powerful.
Daniel dared to hope in God for protection.
The flames Nebudchadnezzar threw the Hebrew boys(they refused to eat the food from Nebuchadnezzar.
Sometimes when we compromise food towards what others are bringing to us, this can lead to hatred, conspiracy, and division.
We have the power to refuse that; we are sons and daughters of God.
Can you risk death for hope?
We will not fall under society’s pressure to lose our faith; we will not fall into anti-God schemes, we will hold fast.

We often fall into social media and get anorexic; we must fast and pray(this is where we get spiritual energy/muscle). We should not feed off from social media; if we do, we can start getting negative thoughts and eat into our identity.

Dare to hope, even if God doesn’t move in the time and in the manner in which we wanted him to move, will you still trust God, will you always keep the faith?

What if God says a bog NO to your request?
Lastly, she said God is not surprised by 2020!
Hope is a weapon against the overwhelming darkness.
Daniel 2:20-23
Light dwells with God; his decisions are the best; it is better than your 1% thoughts.
Let hope arise in every worshipper as you pray for the world.
Let hope awaken your energy.
Let there be a renewal of your faith in God.
I drop my pen.