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Break free from distractions!

The distraction level has quadrupled over the last decades, from the popups in your laptop to the notification dings on your phone from social media messages. Ever wondered why you sense the need to check your phone every minute or so, even when there’re no messages?

Well, I believe we’re humans, and it’s so natural to want something/craves something, and yeah, you always want to satisfy that craving, but here’s where discipline comes in place and why you must kill distraction before it kills you.

My top three picks on minimizing distraction are number one: turn off your cell phone. Ahh, but I can put it on silence, you say? No friend, turn it off. Otherwise, your subconscious mind will trick you into grabbing it, and before you know it, it’s already 1-hour scrolling; turn it off or, better still, leave it in a different room.

It worked for James Clear as such; I believe it will work for me.
Ever since I realized that putting my phone on silent no longer works, due to unnecessary notifications from ads on Google, Facebook, and youtube, I turn off my phone entirely or lock it up in a different room.

Number two on my list is prioritizing!
The last way I deal with distraction is timing my tasks, aka priority; I prioritize tasks, so Task A must be completed in an hour time if after an hour it isn’t finished, I reflect to know what went on and why I did not meet the task.

A quote by James Clear,
“Your actions reveal how badly you want something. If you keep saying something is a priority but never act on it, you don’t want it. It’s time to have an honest conversation with yourself. Your actions reveal your true motivations.”

You can also use the 80/20 rule by John C Maxwell. It states.” Putting eighty percent of your time, energy, and focus on your top twenty percent task.”
This helps me to stay on track.
Initially, when I started this whole prioritizing process, it was all a mess because I used to be disorganized, but after trying these three. I have become more productive with my time, and it’s so unique; it’s a great feeling! I feel fantastic, and so can you:)

The third tip here to breaking free from distraction in this millennial age is taking short breaks.
Now, I mentioned that you should turn off your phone, but common, we’re humans, and we predominantly want to get some attention on social media or keep up with what is going on with a friend or a stranger online. So, when you take your break, you may now pull up your phone and scroll. Please endeavor to time yourself on such a break, as your time is your greatest commodity. Do not mismanage it, okay.
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