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Are my skills hired or my character?

I have been working as a customer service consultant for six years. So far, I have realized that most industry is willing to train/upskill its employees; however, if an employee lacks character, they terminate them from their organization.

It’s not an all-inclusive treatment because some organizations such as medical facilities, tech industries, and a few oil and gas industries require differentiation of the intending individual’s skill-set they’re hiring. For example, an employer in a medical care unit looking to employ a nurse will not hire someone off the road. Certification of some sort is required, or the NCLEX-RN examination needs to be completed.

Moreover, a company would not keep a nursing candidate who does not possess character, showing up on time, respecting policies, and treating patients with respect. You might ask where I’m headed with this write-up?

As a positivity enthusiast, I realize that to climb the ladder, one needs to build ones’ character. Companies are hiring soft skills, and if they recognize that yours is exceptional in their firm, you’re a hot catch and guess what, it won’t be long before you get promoted… However, this is where authenticity comes into play, be yourself, don’t pretend that you possess skills you don’t have in a bid to secure a promotion.

You must endeavor to work on your character and upskill yourself; looking back, I have come to realize that although most cooperations are profit-driven when they’re laying off workers, they keep the ones’ that have caused positive growth and revenue to their organization.

Before I drop my pen, start looking for resources to build your character; for my Christian friends who go to church, that alone is not enough. You need to add specific skills to the ones you currently have, and you never know how far you can go. Always aim for the moon; the sky’s the limit.

A quote by Thomas Jefferson, ” He who knows best knows how little he knows.”
-know more
-build character
– and fly.

Beatrice Otie.