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Proverbs 18:24 NLT, There are “friends” who destroy each other, but a real friend sticks closer than a brother.

I respect the opinion of my dear friend Emily. It does take a genuine friend to tell you the hard truths. Emily and I had an excellent video conversation today, and it was splendid.

I felt the Holy Spirit was speaking through this woman.This is heavy!. Hmnn, I have fought with Emily, and we’ve settled; among all the many friends on the planet, Emily is one that stayed close. Many people always ask me how come you don’t keep many friends; I always say I am careful of who I allow in my space; everybody cannot be your friend. If everyone is your friend, then you’re fake. I am saying this because you will be forced to please everyone, which I am extremely Jesus centered; hence you cannot force your beliefs on me, except they are Jesus centered.

Back to the topic, these are the three things I picked from my God-sent friend, Emily.
Number one, you need to ask God to help you identify your calling, are you called to worship-ministry a full time or part-time? Please invite the Holy Spirit, whoot, I love this one.
Number two, What is God’s unique purpose and plan for my life? Trust me, Emily, you could teach an online course and make sales, haha, I am taking SOI, and the coach teaches this, but she did not include God. I was Holy -spirit struck when Emily mentioned this.

Finally, Seek God to know his perfect timing: you do not want to jump into ministry before your unique timing; you need to have God empower you; just a side note, you do not want to get into ministry late as well.
As such, seek God to equip you.
Thank you, friend, for the quick reminder, and I ask the Lord Jesus to assist me here, in his name, Amen!
For my readers, you can also incorporate these into your life; ask yourself these same questions. They aren’t unique to me! See you next time.

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