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Find yourself! your unique destiny…

I am writing this because of a recent post I saw in headstart Africa. The post was about discovering your destiny and pursuing it with Holy anger.
Ever wondered what you were created on this planet for?
Why are you here?

The entire 2020 has been a remarkable year for everyone worldwide, whether American, Canadian, Nigerian, or British. We’re all questioning why a tiny virus could disrupt the economy and significantly shutdown events. However, I believe God used this pandemic to recruit destinies; people who will embrace their unique future through thick and thin and shake the world.

So back to the topic, do you know what you’re destined to do on the planet?
If you find your “why,”? Have you thought about how you can polish your skill or craft to become world-class at it? Be mindful of stumbling blocks and obstacles on your way to finding your gift. They will be many but do not let obstacles make you falter; let it make you rise.

At the end of the tunnel, when you finally breakthrough, you will be happy you made those hard decisions, and nature will beckon on your fearlessness in not surrendering to its hard flames.
Find yourself, find you!