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Freshforte:Africa’s Frescho!!!

So I randomly stumbled upon a vlog on “How to grow my youtube channel, and then I stumbled upon French fort. Now in North America, we call it a freshco. It’s a grocery store. Freshforte is a grocery franchise located in Lekki Lagos, Nigeria. I am blown away with how a food franchise can become a brand, state of the art building, and the product packaging is out of this world.

What was rumbling through my mind is how many job opportunities this franchise would create for low-income families and tech companies, content creators, affiliate marketing, and the list is endless.
Common now, Africa has an eye for excellence and class.

My only concern is our governmental structures and systems. If only that can be redefined, Africa will soar higher like never before.
My take on this, always be excellent in your craft, and you don’t know how far you can go. It does not matter how you start; just start.
My new word this week, Freshforte. Could you take me to Freshforte, not Freshco?

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