Are you goal -Oriented or growth-oriented?

Where do you belong?

Let me start up with a story, you see

Many businesses focus on their goals, which is due to the businesses’ annual revenue.

Thus far, I have seen that most employees do not grow themselves after a day’s job; they show up to work, get the job done, hit their house, and turn on the TV; some binge watch Netflix and repeat the same cycle. I know, we’ve all done that; it’s human. However, this cycle of living, as mentioned above, is mundane.

 To begin, setting goals is phenomenal, and I know you’ve probably read great books about goal setting, but being growth-focused will scale you up to a height you’ve never imagined.

Here’s a quote by John C Maxwell, “Growth is the greatest separator between those who succeed and those who do not. when I see a person beginning to separate themselves from the pack, it’s almost always due to Personal Growth.”

So, here’s my four suggestions/subjective opinions for an individual or a business to consider in their growth-driven journey/plan.

I) Reading

Reading cannot be over-emphasized. Suppose every employer makes their employees read a book or two not just narrowed to the job description, but also how they can become better individuals. Believe me when I say the world will become a better place of highly skilled individuals with great character, relatable persona, and admirable qualities.

 II)Training /Up-skilling

  Training is the subcategory for upskilling; you technically train the employee and thus upskill them.

I believe every organization has quarterly goals on how they groom/train their employees. My organization trains only new hires; this isn’t great. I am tech Savvy, and I sense a need to up-skill myself to learn new technical features in our global economy instead of waiting for my employer. I up-skilled myself through online courses, masterclasses, and masterminds, and the above training mentioned is what got me started, that is to begin writing blog posts.

The point I am trying to pass across: focusing on Growth creates an opportunity to upskill.

When an organization trains its employees on personal development, they grow exponentially; on a side note, organizations should not limit training towards companies’ specific systems or processes. It would be kind also to include materials that would grom employees personal development.

You may ask which corporation wants to waste its money on training employees. I know the John Maxwell coaching program does this. Well, let’s come to reality, we should all be responsible for our development process, and this brings me to another quote by Earl Shoaf “If you don’t have much, perhaps you haven’t become much.”

You want to climb up the ladder for managerial roles, not just in your corporation but in other endeavors, then become more, become more!!!

III) Coaching

Wow, there’s a lot of money in coaching, and the online space is flooded by it. However, I am not talking about business coaching. Keep reading!

Coaching for me is having frequent conversations with an employee; this should not be overlooked.

The reason is that having a frequent conversation with the employee helps keep track of the competencies on the side of the organization, as the employees are the ones who speak directly to the customers, Below are my subjective advantage in coaching employees.

  • Recognizing what time works for brainstorming ideas with fellow employees is a great way to coach them, thereby improving personal growth/business growth.
  • Identifying what problems employees face and how issues can be lessened on a day to day basis helps recognize one’s weakness, overall helps in Personal Growth.
  • It bridges the leadership gap as CEOs don’t relate to employees directly; this is exemplified by having a manager connect with the organization’s employees.
  • To reiterate, the manager fills that gap by informing employees on better ways to talk to address a customer or sell a product, depending on your organization structure( trying not to generalize, not all businesses sell)

This way, the corporation performs excellently as a whole.

IV) Accountability

Are you accountable to yourself if you answered, yes? Then you won’t grow. Ask me why? You can’t know it all.

I don’t know it all as well; if you’ve read my previous blog posts, you may have noticed, I always reference other authors; the reason for this is, I am still in my growth journey, and I don’t’ have all the answers.

You must endeavor to get an accountability buddy; this helps you track your Growth.

Okay, wow, so you read the entire blog post?

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I hope you learned the following: Be Growth focused: Reading, Upskilling, Be coachable, and having an accountability buddy.

Until next time, grow 🙂

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