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Grand Finale on Standing out! The wait is over!!!

The video following this post is the last bit on the standing out series; I will be moving on to something else after this; stay connected, don’t go anywhere. Take a deep breath; you’re right?

Cool 🙂

A quote from H. Stanley Judd “Don’t waste energy trying to cover up failure. Learn from your failures and go on the next challenge. It’s okay to fail. If you’re not failing, you’re not growing”.

I am sure you may be wondering, no John Maxwell’s quote, chill, I got a challenge from my coach to try other quotes aside from the reputable John Maxwell, and why? You may ask. I am too attached to his quotes; I always love getting out of my comfort zone. Enough of this challenge talk; let’s get on board.

First, at some point in life, one will encounter adversity; you must learn to embrace it because adversity births greatness.

I will mention my top three legends who went through adversity and chose never to back down. Number one on my list is:–“Elvis Presley.”
number two: “Thomas Edison.”
Number three: “Albert Einstein.”

Some of their quotes, “When things go wrong don’t go with them” -Elvis Presley.
Albert Einstein “Anyone who has never made a mistake has never tried anything new.”

Moving on with today’s writeup. For some reason, the media makes success look all glamorous, rosy, and never painful; the loud cheers, yay, the excellent cinematography, paparazzi and all that, these terms are usually seen around celebrities who have probably failed at some point in their life. Still, we forget that failure and adversity are the preliminary things we meet before we finally hit success.

I like how Grant Cardone puts it;” you must conquer your fears to rise to greatness” If you don’t know Grant Cardone, you better do your research; he talks about 10X ing your life.

To reiterate, if you must stand out, always embrace failure and adversity; they are part of life. You cannot become a winner without ever failing. The people you see today doing big things have mastered their craft; they have failed countless times, after which they became experts.

In a nutshell, if you’re determined to stand out in 2021, you’re willing to drop your excuses and run with all the strengths you’ve got, please watch my next episode, don’t miss it for anything. Okay, see you on the other side.
Here’s a question for you?

What must I fail very well to become successful?
Write it down?

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