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Grand Finale- S.T.A.R.T

Ready for the final episode on “Allowing yourself.”

Did you allow you to move forward?Or procrastination got a bit of you?

The grand finale on this episode,” Allowing yourself,” please don’t get bored already:)

Also, leave a comment if you think I need to add one more topic to this episode.Listen, I sang in this episode. I got too excited!

So, the final episode is S.T.A.R.T. Ahh, how do I go about it?Listen to the podcast!

This year has been challenging, but what can you do now to propel you for the future?

All you need to do is to “get up.”

All you need to do is “set your time.”

All you need to do is “show up.”

All you need to do is “begin.”

The above are synonyms for starting. Please set your reminders for Monday, as I encourage you to keep going.There are specific vocabularies that you need to incorporate. I also share those vocabularies as taught by John C Maxwell. Please listen, subscribe, like, and share on youtube. The podcast will be premiered Monday the 8th on Youtube, Spotify, and anchor.okay. See you on the other side!