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How to get Instant Canadian Visa without a representative/attorney /or consultant!!

You were busy with your full -time job, completely understandable. I also have a full-time job, and I have been getting DMs on “HOW TO APPLY” I will include a demo on the next video. 

What you must understand in 2021 is that money is replaceable, but time isn’t. You must do all you can to save time, and that brings me to the document checklist for the Canadian application process.

I Listed out the common pathways newcomers utilize; Canada is status-driven. If you’re not coming to do something valuable, it is less likely you will get approval.

So, now that we know the pathways. What are the standard checklists to ensure we hit a visa approval?

A Valid passport

  • Proof of what you’re coming to do(study, work, immigrate, or tourism/IEC)
  • Proof of payment
  • Correctly filled out IMM forms correctly
  • evidence of no criminal record
  • Good health standing(Medical conditions)
  • Proof of returning to your home country.Note: Must be well stated(except you’re an immigrate, worker, or student)
  • If called for an interview(must show up 30 minutes before the time)
  • Always have a copy of your original document
  • Have the right sized photographs according to IRCC specifications.

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