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How to stay focused!

It is hard to stay focused these days, and social media seems to consummate most of our time. How then are we able to mitigate this lingering problem?

It’s easy to say, I will stay focused, but it’s a reflex action to attend to whatever sound we hear; when you hear the beep on your cellphone, the dopamine rush pushes you to pull out your phone and keep wondering who is that? Sit back, and accept that focus is hard work. So, how then can one stay focused?

These are what works for me.
I switch off my phone for 1 hour; this allows me to clear my mind; oh, one more thing, I also disable notifications on my laptop. This is because my mind might want to play the distraction game; since I don’t have my cellphone to distract me, my computer becomes the culprit.

Lastly, I say do it now 27 times; that way, my mind reboots and displays it back to me, “do it now” This does take a lot of discipline; even successful people struggle with staying focused, so don’t beat yourself; keep practicing! I hope you got value, and you’re able to kill distractions by staying focused on a task.

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