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I will Live for others

I will be writing my reviews on what I learned Sundays here in my stories, so I have them look upon two years or three years from now.Pastor RJ Ciamatairo spoke about “living for others” It resonated deeply.

Indeed, we were created to serve people. We weren’t created to live for ourselves. I have noticed that unbelievers, that is, people who do not know Jesus, actually love themselves. They agree more on things than Christians or, let me say specifically, believers.The revolution we see worldwide about police brutality is a message of change, and that change is “LOVE.”We were all Created to agree and Love one another, not to hate one another regardless of our misunderstanding, beliefs, race, or political standpoints.

I don’t know who is reading this, but please, let’s start treating each other well. We don’t have to agree on the same things, but let us live to love, be kind. Remember making the world a better place starts with you! Yes, Life is tough, yes people are cruel, yes we all have wounds, but be the change. I am a work in progress, I am not perfect, neither are you, and I come in peace.If you have not subscribed to my Youtube channel, please do so. These lovelies are also asking you to like and share comments too!! Thank you.