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Is your life hard? Can you fix it?

Life is unfair is usually a statement pessimists uses; however, when compared to death, I wonder what phrase would be used, “fairer.”
Well, Life was never created to be rosy so that you can find your true self and contribute to the world.

I seldom listen to successful people from Barak Obama to Oprah Winfrey to famous athletes and musicians. As you may have noticed, they all echo the same words, “It’s been a tough journey.”

Life is meant to be challenging because the earth/universe is searching to see if you would give up on her and be like everyone else. She is waiting to see if you will release your unique supernatural qualities and counteract her bickerings.

The uniqueness of embracing toughness and accepting pain and challenges is that it molds you to become stronger, better, and refined.
Ever wondered why after making a mistake, you don’t repeat it? Why is this?
You take the lessons, which makes you better, store the information in your brain, and keep learning. It would be best if you overcame battles thrown at you because they will come, and they will be many.
I believe the first battle is the one waged in mind within ourselves. learned
a quote by Sheldon Kopp- “All of the significant battles are waged within the self.”

Get the fight, keep fighting, and receive your wins, IWIN.

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