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So today’s sermon was “Liminality” Google’s definition states that Liminality is the quality of ambiguity or disorientation that occurs in the middle stage of a passage” Technically, the aim here is disorientation.Three core lessons from Pastor Clint Mix.”Be Jesus-centered, Jesus was more focused on serving others.

Jesus was not self-centered. He was people-centered, and even in business, most companies are built to solve people’s problems. So we need to serve, serve, serve, and he also said we should ask what did Jesus do in most situations. Be not focused on what would my pastor do, or what is the church protocols and doctrines. So, by focusing on “what would Jesus do” Helps you get out of the narcissistic attitude we have towards church rules and protocols that become burdensome, as they ‘re meant to be followed.Secondly, we need to be empowered by the Holy Spirit. Matthew 28 He says we should be filled with the power of the Holy spirirt.

This caught my attention Jesus actions. Jesus washed his disciples’ feet! What! That’s a leader.Getting guidance from God is key!It would help if you had guidance from the third person of the trinity, “the Holy Spirit,” This is because the Holy Spirit leads us into all truth.Matthew 7:11-If ye being evil gives your children gifts, how much more your heavenly father-Ask God for the Holy Spirit. This is the only way, get baptized.Thirdly, he added to stop church shopping. If I don’t like this church, I will try the next doors neighbours church, and keep trying until, I find the one that satisfy my feelings!. Now, it is entirely objective as you choose where you worship.

Be careful and test all spirits. Lastly Christians need to stop being judgemental. We’re too quick to judge. You can not win the world if you attack it; however, you are not meant to live like the world! Jesus, help us here! It is tough on the flesh. The flesh loves judgment.How then can you win the world. Show kindness, genuine kindness, not with evil motives, help, serve, give, and watch how your actions will change the world- Be a light!Okay, I just thought to share my thoughts.I will be dropping my podcast tomorrow! Make sure to tune in!