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Over the past few months, while there are so many uncertainties. I have been working on myself. I have been rebranding myself for the new normal that will emerge.

I am so grateful to the Lord Jesus that I have a website. Sometime last year, I was contemplating shutting down my website, but I heard the Lord say, “Let it be.”
I always say to pay attention to your spirit. God will not speak through your mind but your energy. If you doubt, please check proverbs 20:27.

So, my very first book is out. I am working on checking spelling and reviews from close friends. I am working on another fantastic book that will help people, especially women who are struggling with ….. Not disclosing that yet.

Lastly, I have successfully commenced a podcast on youtube that helps the younger generation clarify their goals. I wish someone did this during my time. Okay, stay blessed, and keep your eyes here.