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New comers learn from the bamboo tree!!

We must learn from the bamboo tree, upcoming entrepreneurs, online content creators, YouTubers, newcomers to Canada, etc.

It is very okay to grow slowly but grow. I compare growth with that of the bamboo tree. Starting with the culm of the bamboo tree. The culm begins to grow from the bamboo tree in three to four months, and then the leaves and shoots extend in the next year and the pulpy wall. In the third year, the culm hardens(growth gained through mistakes and knowledge)

Overall it takes at least three to seven years for its maturity, and guess what comes after that assets. Assets used for decorations, assets used for construction, fabrics, musical instruments, and the list is endless. The bamboo tree is an asset because people generate fortunes out of it. Relating this to Our topic for today, one must be mentally prepared about the time factor. Everything takes time.

If you plan to obtain a visa, it may come quickly for someone else, but not for you, and that is very okay. However, that is not a deciding factor to give up. My target audience is students who do not plan before commencing this journey.
In the future, I will also be sharing my unique story. I listed the five significant pathways that foreign nationals/newcomers utilize to obtain a Visa in today’s video. It’s entirely an individual’s decision to study or immigrate(as a Permanent residence) to Canada. All in all, the time factor plays a role.

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