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Hello, Beatrice here!The last episode will be up in 2 hours. Please tune in!Before I continue, I am not a motivational speaker. I enjoy the encouragement. I am an encourager!

So, let’s get on board!It is easy to start anything, but it is tough to finish, especially when you do not see the desired results.This episode only talks about why you must start anything you desire to do; however, what if it’s not working?What if you’re aren’t getting a result?

What if no one is interested in your new business?

It would be best if you persisted and maybe change the way you’re doing what you’re doing. The next series would be about “STANDING-OUT.”

Additionally, In failing forward by John Maxwell, he said entrepreneurs fail 3.8 times before becoming successful in business.

So, here’s the encouragementKeep going,It’s okay to fail, fail forward, change strategies, take some break if that helps, and keep pressing.Remember that fail at something and try again, you’re starting with a new experience.Always evaluate your mistakes/experiences.Remove failure from you, and instead of saying you failed – say “It didn’t work out “-John C maxwell, failing forward(Thomas nelson publishers)

Lastly, have a non-negotiable ‘WHY” let your why be more robust than your reasons/excuse.You can also join my Facebook group -Do listen, and have a great week ahead. See you in a bit!Click me!https://.be/HM27KvzidHQ