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So you want to stand out?

Standing out from the crowd does take a lot of grit and tenacity.
Wow, successful people are indeed audacious; it is best to forget being hard-working, getting up early every day, working hard all night, writing those articles, crossing your t’s and dotting your I’s, you know what I mean, right?

Giving up is actually easy, but then think about the consequences, I always ask this question. If all the greats on the planet gave up on their dream, will our world become what it is today?

From my photo, you can see the richest black woman in the world; each time I listen to her story, I am struck that she had to go through all the years of hard work, pain, and struggle. Over time, she conquered grounds and broke boundaries. She did stand out incredibly. She possesses excellent “Atomic Habits.”

Well, but the struggle, though? Yes, I understand; how about looking at what lies ahead? How about picturing where you will be if you put in the work? It does pay off.

Yes, giving up is easy, but you waste great potential when you do that.
When you give up, you deny someone else a reason to grow! No man is an island; we are all created to network.
The journey of life is a tough one. No-one said it was easy!
Yes, you will fail, but rise and keep mastering your craft. One day, I tell you, one day, the world will beckon on you and bow to you for your tenacity, for your grit, and for just being you.

Struggles don’t last; they were placed there to test you; however, never let your troubles define you!
You see, when you hit the top, you won’t remember any of those struggles. Keep on, keeping on! Your best days are ahead of you! Don’t give up, grow!

Copyright(C)-Beatrice Otie.

Photo credit- Oprah Winphrey’s photos copied from google!