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Quotes by LECRAE “If you live for people acceptance, you will die from their rejection”.

🏷Before others believe in you, you first believed in yourself.
Before others invite you for their event, you first create your events. Before others invest in you, you first invest in yourself, and with the new nudge for likes, views, and comments on social media, one may be tempted to slip into the people’s approval or validation box. 

🏷Be careful not to fall into the people approval trap. How then can you escape this trap?
🏷Knowing your self-worth and valuing your well-being makes all the difference; positive affirmations and gratitude for how far you’ve come will help you. Stop seeking people’s approval and taking it one day at a time. To add, Start by seeking God’s approval, allow yourself to breathe, be yourself sometimes.
🤨Want to know my story, yeah yeah.. It took me 2-3 years to realize that others’ approval isn’t worth it and can destroy you !!!

This 🍃brings me to why I started a youtube channel. I was hoping you could tune in next Monday where I share a bit of my Immigration journey!
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