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I started my podcast channel; this is because a lot is going on in 2020. People randomly search for things on the web, and when there is a place of encouragement such as mine. I believe it is incredibly relaxing.

So far, I have been consistent, and I pray to remain this way. I believe in the law of consistency, according to John C Maxwell.

So far, I have written one book, “Master the act of confidence,” done four podcasts, and rebranded my website.

My most recent podcast is about “Allowing yourself to become all you’re meant to become. I believe that we’re our enemy; I have been stuck in the mind of the past. Always throw away every weight from your past. It was meant to teach you a lesson, not a life sentence.

Allowing yourself to use a vision board is simply writing out all your dreams and aspirations and keeping it in front of your eyes. It is like a booster. It boosts your feeling of self-accountability. For example, in your vision board, if you have world stars like Micheal Jackson, waking up at 10.00 am instead of 4.00 am to use your morning power reminds you that you’re not acting like Micheal.

That said, I understand that life happens to everyone. However, one needs to master seeing their future by framing it on a vision board. A vision board’s framing is better than framing our past achievements and goals, such as a degree or an award. I can tell you that the vision board has worked for me.

So, It will be up on October 19, 2020, and I don’t plan on stopping anytime soon. Speaking gives me great joy. It allows me to see myself as a great person, which I believe everyone is excellent.
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3 thoughts on “VISION BOARDING

  1. great encourage meant helped alot

  2. great encouragement
    helped alot

  3. This is a great read . With so much going on in the world all we need is faith in God and a positive mindset to keep us going.

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