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I titled this write-up with the above “You matter” because of a devastating report I got last week about a fantastic person; well, I won’t mention the name but continue reading. I will unravel this person in the last paragraph of this write-up.

First of all, never believe the lie that you’re the only one going through a hard time. Others are going through even worse problems, but they do not allow the situation to override their thinking; I would recommend seeking professional help feel you can’t take it anymore.

Getting back on topic, every human on this planet is unique, irrespective of our ethnicities, race, or social status. You matter because you’re still breathing. You matter because your extraordinary passion would help someone else dream more significantly; you matter because someone will need you in the future; this is exemplified as a company hiring you, your children looking up to you, or your spouse.

In a nutshell, never look down on yourself; I mentioned this in the video to always endeavor to give back to the world; it could be your time, money, or voice; give back; it has a long-lasting reward.

Okay, so revealing who that person is, that person is anyone who gives up on themselves, that person is someone who thought they did not matter, but they did. Please don’t be that person.

Conclusively, I wrote 21 daily affirmations just hop-into my website. It’s the very 1st blog. You can read it out loud to yourself, there’s so much power when you proclaim words back to yourself, and you can personalize it; I painstakingly wrote it that way so that anyone can use it.

Feel free to watch the video if you would like, and before I call it a day, “YOU MATTER.”

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